Today my beloved Hehoa was killed by the neighborʻs dog. She was about ten and a half months old, an excellent hunter, runner and climber, often watching me from the top of the refrigerator. All I can think is that she was so focused on hunting something, probably a lizard, that she didnʻt realize the dog was near her. Of course she was in the neighborʻs fenced in yard so while the neighbors feel terrible about it, it wasnʻt anyoneʻs fault.

Hehoa2Hehoa was fearless, something I realized early on and so almost decided that I wouldnʻt let her be an outside cat for concern that she would get herself into trouble. But she was not happy indoors and after she was spayed, I did not want to deprive her any longer of exploring the great outdoors. I let her sister, Makana out all the time, who I was pretty sure didnʻt stray far so it was even more unfair that Hehoa couldnʻt go outside. I live off the street, the neighbor dogs are all fenced in, there are really no predators around, so there was no reason they shouldnʻt go outside and play and hunt (although I did feel badly for the lizards and the occasional dove, whose feathers I would sometimes find). And they thrived. Sometimes when I came home and didnʻt see them around I worried that something may have happened or they may have run away. I told myself that if anything happened, at least they had a good life. And then they would show up.

I had always been reluctant to have a pet because of the attachment I would have to it (I already said that in an earlier blog, when I took a chance and got the kitties). Sure enough, I became very attached to Hehoa. She was affectionate, comical, insistent. Most of all, sweet. I know she was similarly attached to me and now I am devastated. Hehoa was a shining light in my life for the nine and a half months that I was her mom. I donʻt regret a day and I canʻt think of anything I would have done differently and yes, I would do it again. For now Makana is staying close, dealing with her loss and my grief. We will get through this together. He inoa no Hehoa.


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