Please support “Waking in a Sea of Dreams”

I am raising funds for a new book called Walking In A Sea of Dreams.

I was born in the year of the rabbit, so it is not in either my personality type or comfort zone to call attention to myself, at least in the way I am doing through the project I set up.

I have been humbled by the response. I’ve gotten lots of grants and commissions but nothing like belief and support from friends and family to create a personal obligation and desire to make a totally excellent project. And I will.

When I first heard of I thought it was very cool but could NEVER imagine myself proposing a project through their site. After thinking more about it and the increasingly limited funding for creative projects (grants or otherwise), I decided to apply. Kickstarter accepted my application and here I am, in a place that has pushed me beyond anything I would have envisioned doing six months ago! Putting up the site was easy, the less easy part is shamelessly asking people to support my endeavor, but it is a major part of what I have to do to make this successful, so here I am! These funds will help to cover living expenses while I stay home and write. Please look at the site, please post it on your facebook and other social network sites, please forward this with your recommendation on to your friends and anyone you know who might be interested in supporting my efforts and most of all, please consider making a contribution! I have only a few more weeks to raise the full amount. I’m only asking $5,500 because if I don’t raise the full amount, I don’t get anything. If I raise more, better yet. $5,500 won’t go far but it will at least give me permission to focus on the story for six weeks or so. To contribute, just click the green tab on the right of the page that says “Back This Project” and it will walk you through the steps. Mahalo for reading this far and I hope you enjoy the short video I made mostly with my Flip camera and iphone.


The Kickstarter fundraiser is over. If you would like to donate,
please contact me.


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